7 Ways to Use Coconut Palm Syrup at Home

7 Ways to Use Coconut Palm Syrup at Home

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Coconut palm syrup is an amazing natural sweetener made from the coconut palm. Like the coconut palm sugar and the coconut nectar, the coconut palm syrup is a healthier alternative to many other table sugars and sweeteners in the market. With a lower glycemic index, it is an incredibly delicious product and highly beneficial to people, especially diabetics. It’s the sweetener you can easily turn to for all of your favorite drinks or food anytime of the day. So here are 7 ways to use it!

7 Ways to Use Coconut Palm Syrup at Home

  • A Sweetener for Coffee

    It’s best to do away with white sugar in your morning coffee for this can result in a ton of health problems. But you should know that sacrificing it doesn’t mean getting rid of all the sweetness in your life. The coconut syrup is exactly the sweetener you need because it’s a better alternative to other sugars and it’s even more delicious. Your sweet coffee mornings will only get better.

  • A Sweetener for Oatmeal & Cereal

    If you’re fond of having a bowl of oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, start using the coconut palm syrup to sweeten it. I know many of us who like to add a bit of sweetness to our breakfast bowls commonly use white sugar. But this isn’t healthy. To help maintain your blood sugar level, use the coconut palm syrup instead.

  • A Sweetener for Beverages

    Pour some of the coconut sweetener into your orange juice, lemonade, iced teas, and even cocktails. It can instantly make all of your favorite drinks taste better. The sweetness that it adds is one of a kind. You can add it to hot or cold beverages whenever you like. It’s absolutely delicious!

  • A Syrup for Pancakes

    Who doesn’t love syrup on their pancakes? I simply cannot name one person who refuses to pour syrup on their breakfast pancakes. Most of us would even add whipped cream first. But instead of other syrups and toppings, try a bottle of the coconut palm syrup on your favorite pancakes today. Its taste and scent will captivate you almost immediately.

  • A Salad Dressing

    Another fun thing to use your coconut palm syrup for is your salads. Whether it’s a meat salad, fruit salad, or vegetable salad, the syrup from the coconut palm will make it just right.

  • A Soup Topping

    Although not many of us like to add a sweetness factor to our soup meals, the coconut sweetener is a great choice if you feel like trying it. If used right, it can make your soup even tastier.

  • A Substitute for Butter in Baking

    Yep, the coconut syrup is excellent for baking too. Your favorite pastries and baked goods will never be the same with the syrup as your butter or sweetener. So many things from cakes to cinnamon rolls could use some coconut palm syrup to make them sweeter.

Try coconut palm syrup today! You can learn so much in your own kitchen if you try the sweetener on your favorite things. For more info, you can reach us at Coco Frenzy anytime!

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