About Us

About Us

It is said that you learn something new every day. Here at CocoFrenzy, we believe that to be super true, especially when it comes to one of our favorite things – coconut oil. Almost every day, it seems, some new study comes out concerning how healthy coconut oil is. There is always a new recipe or trick to try. Not to mention all the things we already know that is does. Its uses are practically endless.

More than just Coconut Oil Health

Did you know you can fix that creaky, squeaky door with just a dab of coconut oil and a paintbrush? Simply apply the oil to the hinges and problem solved! Those knowledgeable about coconut oil health insist it won’t wear off quickly. That’s a solution that makes Mother Nature as happy as you. Instead of needlessly spending your hard earned money on makeup remover each month try coconut oil instead. With a dab of oil on a cotton ball even the most stubborn of makeup essentially melts right off. It’s things like these that we find absolutely fascinating – that one product can be a go-to solution for so many of your most basic needs. It’s become our mission to spread the word to as many people as we can about how handy and healthy coconut oil is. We hope to be able to share as much information as possible. It seems to us that there is so much to know, but the material is spread far and wide. Finding everything you need to know in one spot is nearly impossible. We want that to change, and we want to be the ones to change it. It’s an exciting challenge, and we are eager to try it out. So feel free to leave the hard part to us. Then sit back, relax, and enter the amazing world that is coconut oil. We think you’ll be surprised at how much there is to find out.

healthy coconut oil

At cocofrenzy, we are…can you guess it…in a frenzy over just how neat we have found coconut oil to be. It does just about anything you could want it to, and maybe a few things you didn’t even know you wanted! Just thinking about how healthy coconut oil is fills us with energy.

Maybe you came here looking for ways to simply use up the jar you already have in your cupboard. Maybe you came here to decide if it was worth the buy. We’re thinking you won’t be disappointed in what you find. We are here to tell you all the benefits to this stuff, whether you are using it because of how healthy coconut oil is, for the beauty perks or to create a tasty treat that’s just that much healthier.
So go ahead, browse through all our recipes, tips and tricks. Don’t forget to check out all the life hacks that this brilliant product can do for you. We have a hunch that by the end of your visit to us, you’ll think just as highly of coconut oil as we do!

Our Plan to Spread the Word on Healthy Coconut Oil

One of the coolest things about this product is that there always seems to be something new to learn about it. Findings on coconut oil health and uses come out practically every day! Maybe that’s the real reason behind this blog, so we can save all the new things we discover in one easy-to-access space. From new studies finding incredible things to being able to pull up the directions to making that delicious sounding smoothie in just a few clicks. That’s what we are here for.

Even we don’t know all the wonderful things we’ll find each day to add to our collection, but we know one thing – we’re excited about it!