When It Comes to Sweets, the Magic Word is G.I.

When It Comes to Sweets, the Magic Word is G.I.

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“Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey”.  These iconic lines from the Drifters may well be the chorus to the national anthem for all true blue sweet lovers in America and the world – should one be decided. There’s no doubt, however, when you talk about sweets, sugar takes the center stage, most true when you buy organic coconut sugar.

What a lot of people may not have realized is that not all sugars are the same – a nugget of information held dearly by people with diabetes. Inevitably, when you want to gauge the quality of a particular sugar, you must delve into G.I. (short for glycemic index). Enough reason why you do yourself a favor when you buy coconut sugar above all else.

Sugar Is Not All Sweet

When your mom tells you too much sweet is bad for the teeth, she wasn’t’ lying. No doubt about that. What she may have most likely failed to mention when you’re but a toddler wanting all the chocolates in the world is that some sugar can do more harm than good in the long run.

And this has something to do with G.I. or glycemic index. Now, before you turn a blind eye on the topic, know that G.I. simply is the measure on how what you eat affects your blood glucose. Foods with high G.I. tend to cause a blood sugar level spike after being taken more than those foods with lower G.I on the chart.

Invariably, this may not sound relevant for teens who are in the best of health and are so full of energy. But for a diabetes patient, blood glucose monitoring is a must – not another doctor’s request to be fiddled with. Without proper sugar level management, life-threatening diabetes complications like cardiovascular diseases could ensue, Mayo Clinic details.

More often than not, you’d find diabetes patients lugging around blood sugar meters wherever they may go. Constant monitoring by the affected patient himself separates diabetes from most diseases where regular check-ups are done only by tried-and-tested medical personnel.

My Blissful Coconut

The good news is unlike your regular table sugar which carries a G.I. of 60, sugar from coconut has only a G.I. of 36, a substantial decrease. That should be a breath of fresh air for millions of diabetes patients worldwide and for many who don’t want to get those unwanted glucose spike or store those pesky excess fats.

What’s even more exciting is the benefits you get when you buy coconut sugar are just the tip of the iceberg. Coconut fruit endemic to Asian countries contains plenty of nutrients to give you not just outstanding health but startling beauty at the same time. Fresh coconut eaten raw, for one, can be your best ally to combat fat loss.

The best part’s you don’t have to book a flight to the heart of Asia to get to know how best to incorporate coconut products in your diet; a timely recipe from today’s widely-trusted sources should get your breakfast and dinner time going.

Welcome to the wonderful world of coconuts!

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