3 Best Reasons to Buy Coconut Sugar

3 Best Reasons to Buy Coconut Sugar

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What is organic coconut sugar? Organic coconut sugar, also referred to as coconut palm sugar, is an unrefined sugar produced from tapping the flower blossom from the coconut tree to get its sweet nectar. After the liquid has been collected, it is placed in an open kettle drum to dry.

Why do many people buy organic coconut sugar? Coconut sugar is typically used to sweeten Asian dishes, beverages, and even sauces. This sugar is perfect to use as a healthier alternative to regular table sugar for just about any recipe. Create delightful cakes, brownies, and cookies with organic coconut sugar. Why should you shop for coconut sugar in bulk? Read the 3 important points of purchasing coconut sugar below.

Buying Organic Coconut Sugar: 3 Best Reasons Revealed

1. Coconut palm sugar is created organically.

Buy coconut sugar because they are less processed, unlike regular table sugar and other sweeteners. With this sugar, you are assured that coconut palm trees grow from organic processes with no fertilizers and chemicals used. Collecting the coconut sweet liquid from the coconut tree flower blossom is also made traditionally by local farmers. Unlike table sugar and other sugars that make use of bone char or animal by-products, you are assured that no animals are harmed in making this favorite sweetener. In the process of turning the nectar into crystal sugar, no chemicals and additives are used as well.

2. Organic coconut sugar is sustainable.

Almost, if not all, coconut sugar suppliers adhere to sustainable organic coconut agriculture. This means that coconut trees should be protected at all times to continue growing in their natural environment and protect the species (endangered or not) within the farming areas. Cooperative coconut farmers grow the coconuts and harvest them all year round. They use every part of the coconut, including the meat, liquid, and even the husk. For coconut sugar, the farmers only tapped, so there is no danger in coconut tree destruction. Coconut palm trees also take a lot of years to grow and mature, so it cannot be cut down after each harvest.

3. Coconut sugar is naturally sweet and healthy.

Let us compare sweet coconut sugar candies and conventional candies. With coconut sugar candies, you have natural coloring and produce organic sweeteners. On the other hand, conventional candies use artificial coloring and high fructose corn syrup. We all know that high fructose corn syrup has negative effects in the blood sugar levels.

Conventional candies use artificial colors. But did you know that some of these colorings are dangerous? Blue 2, Yellow 5, and Red 40 have found out to be linked with hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, as well as other behavioral adverse effects in children. Coconut sugar candies have no colorings, so it is absolutely safe to consume.

When you buy coconut sugar, make sure they come only from organically grown trees and nothing but chemical-free processes. Organic and sustainable go hand in hand and it means it is great for the planet and for you as well. Nothing could be sweeter than that! 

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